Adrianne Moore
North Carolina
Moderate Conservative

The Congress person I am most agree with is Richard Burr because the bills that he voted for are the same kinds I would vote for. Mainly the Energy Bill and the Environment Bill. He wants to protect the earth and its people with the bills that he voted on.

5 intresting facts~
1. North Carolina was the first state to declare independence from England with the Mecklenburg Declaration.
2.Mount Mitchell, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Height is 6,684 feet.
3.From Manteo in the east to Murphy in the west, North Carolina is 560 miles long, making it the longest state east of the Mississippi
4.NC boasts the most outdoor dramas of any state, we also had the first outdoor drama - The Lost Colony that details the first English settlement
5.Pepsi Cola was invented in North Carolina 100 years ago in 1898

3 issues that are most important to me are Child welfare because no child has the right to suffer just because of what their parents want. Another one is Domestic Violence because viloence is not the way to solve things mainly if you are a man or parent hitting your child or wife! The last one is Air Pollution because this is the cause of many deaths all around the world not just here in North Carolina.

Domestic Violence: Abuse is mainly a problem.
People being abused usually think "there is no place worse than home". There is a bigger chance that those who are being abused, will end up being killed by there abuser than just a random person. Usually it is the family that is the most abusive at these times. Usually punishment for the one being abused is not being hit with a fist or any type of hand repeatedly. Very unreasonable!

Hazadorus Waste Disposal: Wide range of materials that are threating the health and saftey of others and the earth. Hazadorus sites need to be cleaned up. Most hazadorus materials contain cleaning supplys that are used on an everyday basis. People living near hazadrous sites are exposed to many chemicals and can be severly hurt.

Air Pollution: Health Organizations estimate that about 3 million people are dying each year due to the breathing in of air pollution. Industrial Revolution is a main cause of air pollution. Air poollution can harm the health of many that are breathing in air. The Air Pollution Controll act was passed in 1995, each state was payed 5million dollars to research on air pollution and trying to calm it down. Clean Air Act was passed in 1970, this was to try to clean up some of the pollution in the air by planting more trees and other things like recyling.

Child Welfare: United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund has estimated that about 143 million orphans exist under the age of 18 around the entire world. Many children are neglected either physically, mentally, or sexually. Many become orphans due to suspected abuse or neglect at home. Many children are either being trafficted or sold by their parents or family members just to earn money.


Our bill is about bullying education. Me and my group members would like for bullying to be more recognized and stopped in all school districts. People should support this bill because bullying should not be accepted in any forms at all. People are killing themselves or getting killed by their bully. Our bill will inform bullies and victims the consequences and affect of bullying. We will have teachers learn about bullying then they will teach the students about bullying for 4 hours a day for a week. This will help everyone being bullied and teachers and parents. Less suicides per day. Who wouldn't vote for that?


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