Alexandria McGhee
Republican Party
Paul Ryan

Interesting Facts
1) Wisconsin was founded in 1848.
2) Wisconsin was the 42nd state to become a state.
3) The nick name for Wisconsin is the Badger State.
4) The first practical typewriter was designed in Milwaukee in 1867.
5) Wisconsin produces more milk than any other state

Facts Relating To The Iissues
1) Wisconsin offers Badger Care Plus which is like Medicaid.
2) Wisconsin also has a ForwardHealth
3) Wisconsin has all different types of Health Care that is for all different types of reasons and different ages.
4) More than 4,300 affiliated providers and 40 affiliated hospitals.
5) Wiscncin also has a 24- hour Nurse line.

3 Issues Important to me
1) Education - Stop school from being cloesed.
2) Health Care- Make more affordadle so that everyone can have health care.
3) Marin Pollution- Find ways to stop people from putting things in the water that harm the animals.

Purpose: People who receive life in prison NEED to stay in prison with no advantage of getting out. Research shows that 90% of criminals who are released on parole commit crimes again. This will work because it's going to keep criminals in prison and it's going to limit the murders. People should vote for this because its keeping crminals in prison and people will much safer.


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