Adam McCullough, Texas, and Republican

The person from congress that I am most like is John Cornyn. His website is

5 issues that we agree on are
1. Strengthening our education
2. Stronger border control
3. Works on giving jobs back to the people
4. Wants to continue fighting terrorism
5. Wants to abolish collective bargaining

5 interesting facts about Texas
1. Texas is the only state to have flags of 6 different nations fly over it. ( Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States of America)
2. More wool comes from Texas than any other state in the U.S.
3. Texas was its own nation for 9 years.
4. Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas.
5. The Armadillo is the official state mammal.

5 facts about illegal immigration in Texas
1. There are 400,000 illegal immigrants in Houston, Texas.
2. Houston is one of the largest Hispanic populations in America. 42% of Houston’s population is Hispanic.
3. Many people facilitate illegal jobs in Houston. This hurts our economy and creates a shortage of jobs for citizens.
4. Illegal immigrants cost Texas tax payers an average of 407 billion dollars a year.
5. 700,000 Illegal immigrants are currently in Texas.

Three issues that are most important to me are more strict laws on illegal immigrants, abolishing collective bargaining rights for state workers and decreasing state debt/ budget deficit.

I feel that we should have no toleration for illegal immigration. They cost tax payers in America an approximate 100 billion dollars last year. These immigrants take privileges that citizens pay for such as public schools. I feel that immigration is a critical part of our society but it has to be done legally. No one should be above paying taxes.

I believe that collective bargaining rights for state workers should be abolished. I would first like to say that fire fighters and police officers will be exempt. Every state has a substantial amount of debt. It cannot stay like this and changes have to be made. State Workers wages cannot keep inflating like they are today. I am not purposing a drastic salary decrease. I believe that minimal salary decreases and elimination of unnecessary job spaces would benefit the state greatly.

My final issue is decreasing budget deficit. I feel that it is imperative that the state fixes its budget deficit. No society can function spending more money than they have. My simple solution to this is to put provisions on the state’s ability to spend money.

Purpose- The overall purpose of this bill is to keep illegal aliens out of the United States and to save American citizens money. Illegal immigrants cost tax payers more than $100,000,000,000 dollars per year. This bill would try to completely get rid of illegal immigration through many new different laws that will be put in place. Through this bill we would strengthen border patrol and make sure all equipment at the border is up to date. Also this bill will support the idea of deporting illegal aliens back to their homeland. If an illegal immigrant shall be caught then their facilitator will be fined 250 dollars per immigrant and may have jail time. For a second offence the fines will be doubled. If the facilitator is unable to pay the fine, he will serve time in prison. This bill isn't all about keeping them out, but through this bill we would like to help the immigrants be able to receive their citizenship quicker. Immigration is an important part of our country and we would like to help them become a citizen quicker. We will do this by making it easier to receive a green card.
I am proposing this bill because i feel that our citizens are being taken advantage of and it has been happening for too long. It is the Governments job to protect the people of America and do everything in their best interests and if this bill passes then they will be doing that. This bill will work by stopping illegal immigrants get into our country and also promoting legal immigration. I feel that a combination of these two things will ensure the best way to solve the great issue of illegal immigration. People should vote for it because it is cheap and it will save our citizens millions of dollars. We should also vote for this bill because it is a great compromise between our country and foreign countries. It will ensure peace and the pursuit of happiness of all. That is why this bill should pass.

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