Illinois Representative

Congress Person Most Like Me:
I am most like Peter Roskam from the 6th District of Illinois
I mostly agree with congressman Roskam because he wants to use American energy sources to lower gas prices, and I would love to do that too. It would increase jobs here in America and it would possibly purpose a new alternative fuel source for America. I also agree with his opinion on education. He wants to prepare students for their future work days and their careers. He wants to get them ready so they do not get their life started jobless. I believe this to be true because the students that are graduating college right now are referred to as "Generation R." It stands for generation recession because they come out of schooling and they unable to find jobs. So i believe that we should definitely get students ready for their careers.

5 Interesting Facts About Illinois:

Opened up the first aquarium
Home of President Regan and Obama
The Chicago River is dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day
There are 102 counties within the state
Illinois’ state motto is “State Sovereignty, National Union”

5 Interesting Facts About My Topics Relating to My State:

Although there were some loop holes in the bill, Illinois had passed a bill about cyber bullying, including that teens can be arrested for the bullying
The state's attorney general had made a web-site about trying to stop cyber bulying
As of January 2011, the state has allowed students and teachers to gather in prayer before school begins
In 2010, they passed a law to grant all orphanages 17 million dollars to break up fairly
There is a child abuse hot line through out different cities

3 Issues That Are Most Interesting to Me and Where I Stand on Them:

1. Religion in Schools
In past years, the supreme court gave students and teachers the freedom to pray and hold Bible studies during or on school property. Now, praying before sports events has become "unconstitutional". For some people they have even wanted to take out "Under God" in the pledge. Under strict judicial interpretation of the first amendment, giving the freedom of religion, the Supreme Court switched dramatically to denying religion in school. Then they also ruled that no schools could compel students to pray. Although the courts had not completely taken out religion, they have let the school goers to practice their religion under certain circumstances. I believe that students should be able to practice their religions freely and to the extent they approve of.

2. Cyber Bullying
As we have been taught through our middle school years, suicide is a leading death in teenagers because of bullying. Although bullying has evolved from the stereotypical strong-boy-who-will-punch-your-face-off-on-the-play-ground, to the internet. Now it is mostly 7th to 8th grade girls preying on others through social networking sites, e-mails, and instant messenger's. There can be different types; direct is when teens bully other's through posting comments and text messaging directly to the person, but indirect is when the teens hack into other's and change accounts and profiles. The kids who bully are usually linked to social anxieties and they make themselves feel better by bullying other teens. I think that parents should step up and talk to their teens about telling each other when they are bullied, and they also should monitor their children's profiles and e-mails. I also think that Congress men and women should take a stand and go into the schools to talk to the counselors to talk to their students more about this issue.

3. Children Welfare
Every thirty-five seconds, a child in the U.S. is abused, and just about three million kids are abused or neglected every year. On top of that, many of those kids go to foster care and orphanages because of the abuse. In the 1800's and early 1900's, kids were forced to work for very little pay. But in 1912, the Children's Bureau was set up so that the kids would at least have more freedoms. Following the Bureau, the U.S. also had the Child Welfare League of America in the 1920's. Now of days, the Government has long since funded the agencies and they have grown widely. They protect kids from gangs, drugs, abuse, and child trafficking. In many of the orphanages and foster homes, the care-takers are now researching to help the kids not only physically, but emotionally. I think this is great and I also think that we the people should be more involved with volunteering and fundraising.

HB4:Community Service in Education
Our bill is based upon several problems within our society today. We have kids that need to get into our communities, and our communities need help. So, in order to fix these problems, we are creating a class in every public school in our nation to get students in junior and senior classes of high school out into the community. The students will learn good citizenship, there will be more respect between the elderlies and the students, and the communities will be cleaner and better. Our bill deserves support because graduating teens will have community service written on the top of their resumes. They will have a better chance of getting jobs also, and the communities they live in will be a cleaner, and better place.

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