Ashley Horvath
Representative of North Dakota
Moderate Liberal
I am most like Senator Kent Conrad. I agree with him on his standpoint of education. He is a supporter of the No Child Left Behind act and believes that students personal needs should be met. He wants to have students be focused on so they can be more likely to succeed. He regularly meets up with children at his offices to talk about what educational needs they would like to be met and tries to enforce them. I also agree with his standpoint of Health Care. He tries his hardest to help out rural hospitals; helping the centers get the funds they need to stay running and help their communities.

Nicknames: Peace Garden State, Roughrider State, Flickertail State, Norse Dakota, and The 701.
Mottos: Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, and One and Inseperable
Capital: Bismarck

5 Interesting Facts About North Dakota:

  1. North Dakota was the first state to complete its interstate highway system.
  2. When the Dakota Territory was created in 1861, it was named after the Dakota Indian Tribe; Dakota is a Suix word meaning friends or allies.
  3. The town of Rugby, North Dakota is the geographical center of North America.
  4. North Dakota was the safest place in the nation in 2004 and 2005, according to FBI data.
  5. The population of North Dakota is ranked 48th in the United States.

5 Facts about North Dakota relating to important issues:
  1. Voted yes on funding student testing instead of private tutors.
  2. Voted yes on banning drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  3. Votes yes on giving parents the tools to balance work and family.
  4. Voted yes on providing a US House seat for the District of Columbia/Voted yes on granting the District of Columbia a seat in Congress.
  5. Voted no on authorizing use of military force against Iraq.

3 Issues Important to me:
  1. Animal Abuse: I believe animals have inalienable rights, just as humans do. Animal abuse such as vivisection, using animals in product industries, dog fighting, whale or dolphin hunting/ endangered species hunting, scientific expirimentation on animals, and any action of harming animals should not be tolerated. North Dakota is one of only thirteen states that does not consider some form of animal cruelty a felony. I believe this should be changed so animals get proper treatment by their owners.

  2. Gangs: I think gangs are needed to find a sense of community in groups that are seperated by language, customs, religion, race, etc.. by other citizens. However, they need to resolve conflicts with other types of people and need to refrain from violence and illegal drug trade. Many people seem to think that gangs do not exist in North Dakota, when that is not the case. There are many gangs trying to illegally establish drug trade in North Dakota, especially in Fargo and Bismarck. Currently, officials in Bismarck are taking care of the gang issue, watching kids for gang behaviors and getting schools involved in watching for any signs of gangs. I would like to expand this system of preventing gangs to all the other cities in North Dakota to help lower/prevent any gang violence.

  3. Eating Disorders: Eating disorders should be taken more seriously by the media and the media should not completely relate thinness to happiness. Eating disorders aren't taken into much consideration and are not noted much in educational purposes, which is necessary. Eating disorders are on the rise in North Dakota, and gladly, so are the treatment centers. I would like to spread the awareness of eating disorders in North Dakota and the treatment options.

My Bill:
This bill is to promote more schools to create a more serious bully education program. This program will also include parents so they know what to do about bullying issues as well. These teaching sessions will have guest speakers who have personally gone through bullying so the students and teachers can understand the real issue of bullying. We will require schools, public and private, to hold five meetings a year. They will be spread out so parents are able to have the time to plan to attend at least one. We will hold an attendance of what parents do and don't come. If a person does not attend, we will send them a video and pamphlets regarding bullying. This way, they at least have access to the information. If any child has a personal bullying issue, we will hold appointments with the parents and discuss bullying.

You should support this bill to help protect the people who are getting bullied, struggle with being a bully, the families who struggle because of a bully or child is being bullied, and the people who struggle with a loss because of a bully-related-suicide. There are so many people affected by bullying and people don't take it seriously. We would like to spread the word about different types and reasons of bullying and explain that some things people do may be considered bullying without them realizing it. Like spreading a rumor, or using words like "gay" or "retarded". If you support this bill, you could make a huge change worldwide and even save lives.

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