Amanda Hall
New York
Representative Peter King Republican
I am most like Peter king because he is in the Republican Party and that is the side me, and my family, support. He supported some issues that we also supported like the Invasion Of Iraq. Iraq was thought to have weapons of mas destruction. They wanted to invade Iraq and find these weapons so they can not harm our country. I totally agree that if Iraq has hold of weapons like that we should be doing everything to find them and get them away from the enemy.

Interesting Facts on New York:

1. First state to require license plates for cars
2. Obama ignored a terrorist attack he had information on
3. 197- bloodiest prison rebellion in U.S. history ended in deaths of 43 people at the Attica State Correctional Facility
4. Genesee River in one of the few rivers flowing south to north
5.Hartsdale: pet cemetery- contains over 12,000 plots

Five issues that relate to my Issues-
1.Health Care Bill singed on March 23, 2010
2.Over 14 billion pounds of waste is dumped into the ocean a year
3.500 million people are homeless in the world
4.Sea turtles think our plastic bags floating in the ocean are jellyfish

Financial Issues In New York

Over the next three years New York will have a budget gap of over 30 billion dollars. They can raise their taxes but New York is the second most highly taxed state. They got into this mess by making promises they can’t keep. Over the matter of 10 years there tax rate went up by 73%.
The way I feel about this is never make finical promises that you can’t keep. They would have never gotten into this mess if they never made all these promises. And as the years go on the will fall even more financially.

Helping The Poor

There are different ways to help the poor. The way Obama is doing it is talking our money and giving it among the less fortunate. I understand that they need it, but we worked hard to get money to help our own families. “Share the wealth” Obama says. Take our money that we work hard for and give it away in our taxes is what I hear. Let us decide who we want to give it to.
I feel that he should have a say to where our money goes. We are getting taxed more and then those extra taxes we had to pay are being given away to other people who aren’t paying taxes. That should be our choice on where our extra money winds up.

Health Care

The Health Care bill is a bill that forces Americans to have insurance. If they don’t have insurance then they can be in trouble and this can be taken as a crime. Isn’t our choice though? The Health Care bill was past by Obama last year. This bill is unconstitutional because the government is trying to force us to buy Insurance. The government is also trying to get us to spend our money on a service we don’t even agree on. The people have the power. What ever happened to that? The health care bill is trying to be repealed for the sake of the people who don’t want the government running their health care. Some people don’t want to buy insurance. That is the people’s decision, not the government. They should not be able to do this to us. They are trying to make our land a dictatorship. The government is not the one who rules. That should be us.

The earth is being polluted. We are just dumping out waste and trash were ever we please. It is endangering the lives of many animals. We do this so carelessly and most of us don’t even think about what it is doing to the environment. We need to all pitch in and help the pollution and littering stop.
Sea animals are affected greatly by our pollution. They are dieing out there and we need to help them. They don’t know any better. They mistake our trash for their food. It
the lives of many sea animals.
I think we all need to step up and think about where we are putting our waste and trash. It can really make a difference.