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Congress Person- John campbell
Congress person I am most like- John Campbell
He is both a Certified Public Accountant, small business owner and John continues to state his strong opinion the need for our countries spending and responsible budget measuring. Above all else, he believes that the debt accruing in this country from out of control spending and giant debts is the greatest threat to America’s future. The primary author of the (Earmark Reform Pledge) and a proponent of eliminating “pork barrel” spending, he helped bring about the earmark ban enacted by House Republicans in 2011. The reason I am most like John Campbell is because I agree with him on more than one issue. For one I agree that this country spends way too much money. We could be using that money we are throwing away to help fund research for aids or to help improve the court system in

Why people should support my bill- my bill is very important to the safty of americans. My bill involves gun controll. The american community is overwelmed with the large amout of guns that are possessed by gang members. The gangs use the guns for crime and to many of the crimes that are commited with these weapons are never solved because they cant track the gun to the owner and that means that they cant solve the crime. My bill will stop that make it easier for the guns to be tracked. A tracker will be placed in all guns purchased starting in the year of 2012. All guns aprehended by police will also get instoled with the tracker. The goal of this is to help solve crimes commited with guns.
Important facts and issues in the state of California
5 Facts interesting facts about the state of California-
1- state capital is Sacramento
2- population 33,871,648 people. Most populated state
3- The California gold rush sparked the largest migration of man in the history of the world.
4- 1 in every 8 United States residents lives in California.
5- Ice cream may not be eaten while standing on a sidewalk in carmel

5 Important issues you should now about the state of California-
1- California is being overwelmed by the gang violance all over the state.
2- The drug trade in california is growing.
3- California has problems with border protection in the south with Mexican immigrants.
4- Gun controle and trade between gangs and convicts in southern California is growing.
5- Water front polution on the West coast manly comes from the California coast.

There are three issues that attracted my attention Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Death Penalty, and Aids.

Weapons of mass destruction- Weapons of mass destruction or WMD's are nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Not used for massive destruction, but massive casualties. They are almost never used and considered morally unacceptable. They have been used twice and both against Japan in WWII. After WWII many countries began to make WMD's, but have recently been decreasing their stock piles. We should keep it as is to prevent countries from trying to take us down. if we decrease our weapon count our enemies may consider us to be weaker.

Death Penalty- Is the death penalty to harsh? On September, 23, 2010 Teresa Lewis was pronounced dead from lethal injection. She was convicted for killing her husband and stepson to collect on insurance with her lover and gunman. But was the death penalty too harsh. Her supporters claim she was mentally ill and was close to retarded. She was the first woman to be executed in Virginia in almost 100 years and the eleventh over all. My views: is that she should have been sentenced to a life time sentence with no probation, Instead of the death penalty. I also understand that she may have been considered retarded or mentally ill but there is no proof to support her supporters clam.

Aids- In 2009 the "World Health Organization" claimed that over 33 million people worldwide have HIV the virus that causes Aids. Since the Aids epidemic in the 1980's over 25 million people have died. In the United States 1 million people are living with HIV, twenty percent of them unaware of it. My views: I view Aids as one of our countries most important priorities. We need to fund research and do whatever is humanly possible for our nation to make the people of the United States more aware of this disease. It is deadly and it is serious and it will keep growing in numbers in the United States alone if we don’t do anything to stop it from spreading!

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