Ari Fadoul: Iowa
external image Bruce%20Braley
Iowa Representative: Bruce Braley
I agree with Bruce Braley the most about issues.
I agree with him on healthcare. He fought to make sure Iowa would receive the highest quality they possibly could.
Also, I agree with him on his plans for the economy, which are raising minimum wage and making sure women and men are paid the same
Five Interesting Facts about Iowa:
  • It is the only state that begins with two vowels.
  • Geographically, Iowa is one of the flattest states in the United States.
  • Its nickname is the Hawkeye State.
  • The 31st president of the United States, Herbert Hoover, was born in West Branch, Iowa.
  • Its east and west boarders are formed by 100% water.
Five Important Facts Related to my issues:
  • The cost of health care is too high for Americans to cover the cost on their own income.
  • Immigration rates have increased greatly over the years.
  • In most companies, mostly men have the higher ranking positions.
  • Health care providers are given the power to set the prices in many situations.
  • Women don't get paid the same amount as men.
The Three Most Important Issues to Me:
Health Care: The cost of health care is too high for most people to cover the cost on their own income. In too many situations, health care providers are given the power to set prices in many situations. The role of the government in providing health care is very important. I think that the government should lower the cost of health care so more Americans can have the ability to pay for it. It isn't fair for Americans to be denied treatment just because they can't afford the healthcare costs.
Immigration: The illegal immigration rate in this country has increased greatly over the years. When President George W. Bush sent the National Guard to the border, the numbers of illegal immigration had dropped dramatically. Bills are under construction in the House of Representatives and the Senate, that are aiming to toughen up border patrol and the penalties against employers and others who employ/ aid illegal immigrants. I agree with this because if they aren’t in our country legally, they shouldn’t be here at all.
Equality in the Workplace:Having equality in the workplace is very important. All individuals should have equal opportunities to secure employment and equal opportunities for advancement. Your disablilites (if you have any), race, or gender, can't be changed, so none of those things should matter when it comes to a job. Women do not get paid the same amount as men. Even though women dominate certain jobs, men often have the higher ranking positions. I think that any company who does discriminate based on your gender, race, or if you have a disability, should be fined. It is not right to favor a certain gender or race.
Bill: Education: Using Laptops
Bill Number: HB48
The purpose of this bill is to provide laptops for student instead of textbooks, paper, and other school supplies. All students would need carry is their laptops. This would eliminate the money spent on paper and other supplies. If a student were to be absent, this would provide a better recourse because lessons can be recorded and replayed. This would also take away the need for computer labs that the students would use beforehand. Another positive effect of using laptops means that students will have access to the latest research on the learning topic instead of outdated textbooks. Activities will become more hands on for student which will become a better learning technique. People should vote for this bill because this would help student lives in school. Since technology is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, having laptops in school, would help kids develop the skills they are going to need later on in the future. Students would be more willing to do work on a computer than on a worksheet. They would be more engaged in learning. This would improve the student’s education.
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