Andrew Curtis Arkansas Democratic
State information-
Mammal- white tailed deer
Dance-Square dance
Flower-apple bottom
The department of homeland security was created by George W. Bush with a purpose of defending the state from more attacks.
The gun control was created to keep people from causing more deaths of teens over many years.
The death penalty is only used only for capitol crimes and the murder in first degree.
Over 86 countries have completely eliminated the death penalty.
Gun control-
I don’t think there should be any limits on handling guns. I think we should just prevent people from carrying them around where they go. Also I think that guns shouldn’t be allowed in school at any point even if carried by police. In Arkansas you are not permtted to have a shotgun that is shorter than 18 inches long. If you do then you will be fined and this should be done because Gun Control is trying to stop people from having dangerous guns in the United States.
Death penalty-
I think that this shouldn’t be used except for the worst crimes that ever happen. I also think that this should be used if people do it and the crime should of actually happened. Arkansas still allows the death penalty but they have not exicuted anyone in well over five years. Also there are about forty-two people on the death row and a big group of them will not even be killed.
Homeland security-
I believe this is one of the most important issues because it lets us have our freedom and it also helps prevent more attacks like the 9/11 bombing. Arkansas has just as tight security anywhere as any other place in the United States but they also have more security at schools and those types of public places so that every kid and others will always be safe no matter what happens
Robert S. Moore
He is the congressman that is most like me because he is the one that agrees with most of the things that I do. Also he is going along with two of the three issues that I have picked. Robert also lives on farm in Arkansas which I think would be really cool there.