Name: Amanda Chahulski
State: Washington
Political Party: Moderate

I am most like Barbra Bailey. I think she has many solutions to issues and they are great solutions. We also agree on many of the same issues.

5 Issues we agree on:

1: Protect and Create Jobs.
2: Balance the State Budget Without Raising Taxes.
3: Free Trade.
4: Better Budgeting.
5: Keeping Education how it is.

5 State Facts:

1. Washington currently has about six million people living there, and the largest city is Seattle.
2.The state bird is a Willow Goldfinch.
3. Washington State was admitted as a state on November 11, 1889.
4. the state capitol of Washington State is Olympia.
5.Washington is the 42nd state that was put into the constitution.

5 Facts that relate to my issues:

1. Washington developed a written anti-harassment policy and proactive workplace program.
2. Washington investigates all complaints properly and thoroughly.
3. Washington State has passed a cyber bullying law in 2008.
4. Washington requires schools to adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation and bullying.
5. 14,089 arrested in Washington for drunk driving.

3 Issues that are important to me:

1. Cyber Bullying
-I believe that children should be monitored while on the internet to lower the rates of cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying can lead to suicide in teens. Cyber bullying can be both direct and indirect. More tension is being devoted to both the legal and ethical responsibilities by the schools staff in preventing and helping to intervene with any cyber bullying.
2. Sexual Harrassment
-I believe that any one who is sexual harrassment should have the right to get some justice. Sexual Harrassment can be life changing to many, and justice may help. The civil Rights Act of 1964 states that discrimination based on age, color, mental/physical handicap, race, religion, or sex is prohibited by the law.
3. Drunk Driving
-I believe cars should have something in them to check for an alcohol level before the driver can start the car. Drivers with blood alcohol level of only 0.05 have impaired reflexes and judgement. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that three out of every ten American drivers will be involved in an accident were alcohol is involved.

HB52 Outlawing Alcohol in the United States
You should vote for this bill because Alcohol is one of the major problems in the United States. Many people in the United States abuse alcohol, and many children are suffering from abuse and neglected because their parents or someone they know is abusing alcohol. If we can get rid of alcohol all together, then the United States and children will be safer.

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