5 Interresting Facts:
  • Iowa is one of the most flattest states in America.
  • The largest city in Iowa is Des Moines with a population of 194,163 people
  • Named after the Ioway Indian tribe
  • State flower: The wild rose
  • State bird: Eastern Goldfinch

5 Interresting Facts Related to my Issue:
  • The changing nature of woman's roles, race, and the global economy have all affected work issues.
  • Internet has allowed the economy to be increasingly interconnected.
  • Trading is a big part in America's economy. Without global trading, we wouldn't have half of the things we do today. For example, take a look at your shirt's tag. If it is made in China or India for example, without trading, you wouldn't be wearing that favorite shirt of yours.
  • The economy is always changing.
  • Taxes are a huge part in America's economy. Some of the richest countries in the world have no taxes at all.

3 Important Issues To Me:
  • Economy- I think economy is very important because this is probably the biggest issue in America. Why arent their any jobs? Why dont i make enough?These are some of the biggest questions people ask these days. But sometimes you hae to spend more to help the economy.
  • Imagration- Of course we have illegal immigrants living in the United States today, but this isnt good at all. They are taking over the jobsthat us Americans should be working. People from poorer countries come to richer countries and this is not good at all. Since we have set up boarder control, the number of immigrants have dropped.
  • Health Care- Personally, i think all Americans should have health care. Obama is trying to get all Americans to have health care because he thinks everyone should have health care. Prices for people that have health care now will also go down.
Sources I Used: