I'm Alex Basch and this is my state page.

5 cool facts about Connecticut

  1. Pez candy is made in this state
  2. Connecticut has 11 interstate highways
  3. the world's first nuclear powered submarine was built here
  4. Connecticut State insect is the Praying Mantis.
  5. WWF is headquartered in Connecticut

5 facts about my issues.
  1. Adults breath in around 3,000 gallons of air every day.
  2. Nuclear powered submarine are built in Connecticut
  3. Connecticut was a north state so it use factories not slaves
  4. The fact that pez candy is made in the state tells you factories are always being used to make the candy.
  5. The wiffle ball is made in this state. A wiffle ball is a toy everyone had at one point in time. These are made of plastic so that makes a lot of pollution

Issues that are in Connecticut

1: Air pollution
Air pollution could be found in any state but it is found in states with a lot of factories. Air pollution kills about 15,000 EVERYDAY. Air pollution comes from many things like gas, oil, burning of some items, and factories. It also makes another issue that is global warming, witch in return also could destroy the enviroment. It would help if everyone cut back on the things that make Air Pollution it would help our environment and help people live a better life.

2: Global warming
Many people debate if this a real thing or not, but signs point to yes. Global warming comes from Air pollution and green house gases. Air pollution makes a hole in the ozone and lets the hot sun rays hit our polar ice caps. When the ice caps melt it makes the water levels rise. This is the Global warming theory. Global warming is a big problem in Connecticut because it is so close to the ocean.

3: Landfills or Waste management
Things that could be found in landfills range from food to T.V.s to hazardous waste. Many landfills are toxic because of the material fond inside. Many landfills are full so people are making new ones( probably where a forest use to be). If we want to stop people from making landfills we should cut down on trash by using a lunch box instead of paper bags and we could not pack things in zip-lock bags.

SB17 The Death Penalty
The death penalty aims to keep our country safe by sentencing criminals to death, who have committed a severe crime. Many cases of murder just put the criminal in jail only to get out again. The death penalty is meant to give an eye for an eye but a body for a body. The more severe the crime the more severe the penalty. Like if just one death once you would be injected with a needle with a deadly fluid. If it's mass murder then they would get something painful like toxic gas or the electric chair. This Bill will cut down the number of murders across the states and keep our citizens safe. The Death Penalty will lower crime rate by scaring people away from murder if they know they are going to get the death penalty. People should and will vote for this bill because it will keep us all safe because there will be a lot less murderers in the states.

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