Senate Bills Passing Committee (16 Bills) # = order by percentage passing in committee.

Civil Rights
SB16 #1 "Women in the Military" (Civil Rights) - DGullatta (R) AK, MBrady (R) NE, KShieu (R) ME

Criminal Justice

SB34 #1 "Creating the Past" Bill (Economy) - CTinsley (R)-ND, RBelville (I)-MI, NFerrando (R)-WV

SB37 #1 "Specialized Learning Classes in Large Schools" Bill (Education)- CGoldston(D)-MA, RBrandon(R)-SC
SB18 #2 "Promoting Bully Education" (Education) - MWalters (R) MN, AHorvath(R), ND, MDellinger (R) AL, AMoore (R) NC

Environment and Energy
SB36 #1 "Increasing Gas Mileage to Decrease Pollution" Bill (Environment and Energy)- TFinkenthal(D)-VT, KBlue(D)-DE, DBradley(D)-MT
SB20 #2 "Pollution in the Ocean" (Environment and Energy) LMoniz (D) NM, MHoulahan (R) MT, GKlinger (D) WA
SB6 #3 "Major Businesses Going Green" (Environment and Energy) SDroder(D)-WI, SJones(D)NJ
SB19 #4 "Opening Up Protected Lands in Alaska for Oil" (Environment & Energy) - JSmith (R)TN, RDeVine (R)NJ, NSettecase (R)LA
SB9 #5 "Encouragement of Renewable Resources" (Environment and Energy) ERetton(D)-VA, JRamsey(D)-HI, MTask(D)-PA
SB32 #6 "Plastic for Styrofoam" Bill (Environment and Energy)- MTinsley(R)-WY, BKalta(D)-AL, TStanley(R)-IA
SB3 #7 "Switching Over to Clean Energy Transportation" Bill (Environment and Energy) AGlantz(R)-GA, NPolaski(R) OK

Foreign Policy

Gun Control

Health and Safety
SB49 #1 "C.H.I.C." "Children's Health is Critical - Childhood Obesity" (Health and Safety) - JFedor (D) KY, MGordon (R) DE, ABurns (D) WY

SB23 #1 "The Great Compromise of 2011 - Illegal Immigration" (Immigration) - AMcCullough (R) TX, BOverholt (D) NH, AStuber (R) PA
SB5 #2 "Illegal Immigration Prevention" Bill (Immigration) SPigza(R)-KS, RDonley(R)-IN, PGalchenko(R)-MS
SB38 #3 "Immigration Management" Bill (Immigration) NWazbinski(I)-MN, KMitch(R)-TX
SB52 #4 "America's Fight to Preserve the Border" (Immigration) - BMcNamara (R) NV, NEly (R)R AK, JRoselli (D) UT

National Defense

Social Programs

Values and american Society