House Bills Passing Committee (23 Bills) # = order by percentage passing

Civil Rights
HB1 #1 "Fighting for Women's Rights, Day and Night" (Civil Rights) MAllen, HCash, NDoyle
HB9 #2 "Can't Spam Act of 2011 (Civil Rights) GJones, ASuchovsky
Criminal Justice
HB32 #1 "Stopping Cyber Bullying" (Criminal Justice) EAltobelli (R) MI, VGuastella (R) NC, DMcDowel (R) NY

HB18 #1 "Save Our Economy One Gallon at a Time" (Economy) AWilson (R) KY, JMeyer (R) CA, JWittig (R) SC
HB76 #2 "Peace of Mind" (Economy and Health Care) JMoravec(D)-MI, CBowers(D)-Mo


HB86 #1 "NASA Sponsorship of Education Program" (Education)- MProctor(R)-TN, DRyabogin(R)-SD
HB3 #2 "Teacher Fair Pay Plan" (Education) MLukehart (R) NJ, APrusha (R) SC

HB85 #3 "Early Childhood Education Act" (Education)- ACrasi(D)-OH, BChan(D)-NV

HB19 #4 "Equal Education Act" (Education) KMaselli (R) CA, LVidmar (R) Co, BMcVay (R) WI
HB33 #5 "Uniforms in Public Schools" (Education) - AJEnkins (R) Va, ADirda (D) IN, MPalma (R) NY
HB77 #6 "Rejuvenate Bill"- (Education- Civil Rights) - ASandstrom (D)-CO, CMulvaney (D)-NJ
HB87 #7 "ICC Interactive Career Courses" (Education)- CBarnoski(R)-IL, EBoysza(R)-CT

Environment and Energy
HB5 #1 "Trees to Tablet Computers" (Environment and Energy) - NSagal (D) MO, WMartino (R) GE, RLacey (R) VA
HB67 #2 "Recycling Promotion Act" (Environment and Energy)- STrecharichi(R)-GA, NSharrotta(R)-DE
HB80 #3 "Increase Use" Bill" (Energy and Environment) - GNelson(R)-NH, DCassidy(D)-MT

Foreign Policy

Gun Control
HB70 #1 "Bi-Annual Gun License Renewal Act of 2011" (Gun Control)- JMelchiori(R)-NM, PLoferski(G)-AK, SOMalley(R)-NY

HB6 #2 "Lock and Key" (Gun Control) - KAllen (D) TX, RBlakkolb (R) FL, Ejacobson (R) MD

HB84 #3 "Lights out on Firearms" (Gun Control) RMorley(R)-CA, MConti(R)-ND

HB71 #4 "Removing Illegal Guns" (Gun Control) BHanus(D)-WY, NStafford(D)-MA

Health and Safety
HB37 #1 "Calling 911" (Health and Safety) JAgosto(D)-AL, AHall(R)-NY, ALavrisiuk(D)-MA
HB22 #2 "Truck Driver Passengers" (Health and Safety) JAndexler (D) TX, LIlg (D) GE

HB38 #1 "Enforcing the Border" (Immigration) JMcClain-TN, MCarpenter-IL, ECaponi-MD
HB65 #2 "Fighting 2 Gain Citizenship" Bill- (Immigration) EGrohe(D)-PA, SAlonso(D)-FL

National Defense
HB54 #1 "Train Security" (National Defense) JPigat(D)-OR

Social Programs

Values and American Society