Mock Congress 2011

Welcome to Mock Congress 2011.

Through this wiki you will access the most important research resources for this semester long project. Here you will create a personal page representing your state and your position on issues. You'll collaborate with partners to draft a bill that solves some aspect of a national issue that you care about. As bills pass committee and move on to the full House or Senate, this site will be updated. Discussions on each personal and bill page will allow you to debate, critique, support, and "caucus" outside of class.

Mock Congress Day this year is Friday, May 27th.

Here is a beginning timeline for our project.

Background Phase:

Jan 28th- State and House or Senate Assignments- beginning investigating your state and national issues of personal interest
Week of
Jan 30th- Introduce State- perhaps by describing your state's quarter and name the issue(s) you're following
Feb 7th - First weekly worksheet provided. Visit the ABC-CLIO U.S. Geography Site to explore your state. Mock Congress 2011 Wiki Opens
Feb 14th- Explore websites of Representatives and Senators from your state to find the one you most agree with on issues.
Feb 21st- Intro to YLI Mock Congress Site. Complete Phase I. Join Mock Congress 2011 Wikispace
Feb 28th- Outline your Personal Page on the Wikispace
Mar 7th- Read an Issue Article on ABC-CLIO and add 5 state facts to your personal page
Mar 14th- Read a 2nd Issue Article on ABC-CLIO and add 5 state facts related to your issues to your personal page
Mar 21st- Read a 3rd Issue Article on ABC-CLIO and post your position on 3 key issues to your personal page
April 4th- Read a 4th Issue Article on ABC-CLIO and complete your personal page except for a link and information related to your bill.

Research Phase: (To be completed using YLI E Congress Demo Pathway- see Resources)
Week of
April 11th- Choose your Issue area and complete Research Guide Section 1
April 18th- Complete Research Guide Section 2
April 25th- Complete Research Guide Section 3 and 4

During OAA Week of May 2nd, we will be completing the American Identity Theme project in class. There will be no required Mock Congress work this week.

Writing Phase:
Week of May 9th- Choose Bill Co-Sponsors based on common issue interests and complete Sections 5 and 7 of the Research Guide. (Section 6- Contacting a Congress person will be an optional, extra credit activity) Two Media Days will be provided for teams to use to begin outlining their bills and Power points.

Week of May 16th-
Bills, Power points, and final Personal Pages are due to be completed by Friday. During the NASA days- students back at Harmon will be given 3 periods of media lab time during which to finish their group and individual work.
Elections will be held this week for Committee Chair and House and Senate Leadership Positions

Committee Phase:
Week of May 23rd-
Committee Hearings will determine which bills are recommended for presentation and debate on Mock Congress day before a full House or Senate. Students will produce their Mock Congress day name tags... and politic outside of class and through the wiki to build support for their bills.

May 27th, Mock Congress Day:
Washington Dress or better required plus nametags. The full day will be spent on Mock Congress. One period will be in committee. One period will involve party meetings and caucusing. 2 periods before and 2 periods after lunch will be the full House and Senate sessions. Members of the staff of our Representatives and Senators will visit with students and speak to the full 8th grade during 8th perio

Final Online Debating and Voting:
Week of Memorial Day, May 30th
Bills passing the House or Senate will be posted for online discussion. The final voting will take place in Social Studies Classes on June 2nd.